8/99 – 12/01                                Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, Georgia

  Computer Science                          


Professional experience



09/12 – Present                                        Microsoft Corporation                                  Redmond, Washington

Principal Program Manager Lead, Microsoft Advertising

•        Responsible for the programmatic ad buying platforms across search and display advertising. This includes the search ads management platform which provides the foundation for http://www.bingads.com , Bing Ads Editor and the Bing Ads 3rd party developer ecosystem. This ecosystem includes large scale search engine marketing (SEM) companies such as Marin Software & Kenshoo as well large scale search advertisers like eBay and Amazon. The search ads platform is how search ads that bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue enter the search advertising ecosystems of Bing and Yahoo! search.

•        Additionally responsible for the nascent platform for programmatic buying of guaranteed display inventory that pertains to buying ads to show up on MSN and other Microsoft online properties.  



09/10 – 09/12                                        Microsoft Corporation                                  Redmond, Washington

Senior Program Manager Lead, Live Platform Services group

•        Lead the team responsible for developer platform that enables websites, desktop and mobile

applications to integrate Hotmail, Messenger, SkyDrive and Windows Live ID into their user experiences.  

•        Work closely with large web companies and mobile partners to integrate the above offerings into their

products and experiences.  

•        Worked closely with multiple teams to deliver key platform capabilities and client applications for Windows 8.



09/08 – 09/10                                       Microsoft Corporation                                  Redmond, Washington

Senior Program Manager, Live Platform Services group

•        Conceived, co-designed and project manager for the platform the powers the What's New feature across

Microsoft's Windows Live properties. This brought social activity streams to Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger and

Windows Phone. The resulting platform is a megascale service that handles billions of transactions a day and is used

by hundreds of millions of  Windows Live users on a daily basis.  


10/04 – 9/08                                       Microsoft Corporation                                  Redmond, Washington

Program Manager, Live Platform Services group

•        Was responsible for public API strategy for Windows Live Spaces

•        Spearheaded Windows Live developer platform efforts that lead to http://www.msdn.com/live and http://dev.live.com  

•        At different points was responsible for design of Web services that powered photo storage, access control lists, social

networking, and user profile platforms for various Windows Live services.  

•        Liaised with various partner teams including Windows Live Spaces, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail,

Windows Live Expo and Windows Live Writer teams about future design direction in our contacts & storage platform

and managed feature requests.  


03/03 – 10/04                                       Microsoft Corporation                                  Redmond, Washington

Program Manager, XML team

•        Responsible for design of XML APIs in System.Xml, System.Xml.Schema and System.Xml.XPath namespace for

version 2.0 of .NET Framework.  

•        Launched XML MVP program at Microsoft and was liaison between MVPs and Microsoft.

•        Launched MSDN XML Developer Center and was content strategist for the website.  

•        Author of Extreme XML column on MSDN

•        Liaised with external teams including XML Web Services, SQL Server, Windows, Office and BizTalk about future design

direction in XML technologies and managed feature requests.  


02/02 – 03/03                                       Microsoft Corporation                                   Redmond, Washington

Software Design Engineer in Test, XML team

•        Author of Extreme XML column on MSDN. 

•        Tested .NET XML parser for conformance with W3C XML Schema (XSD) and XQuery specs. 

•        Designed and implemented components used for automated test generation software. 

•        Answered questions about XML on the various Microsoft XML newsgroups.

•        In charge of developer relations for WebData XML team and liaising with PR & marketing teams

06/01 – 08/01                                          Microsoft Corporation                                   Redmond, Washington

Software Design Engineer in Test Intern

•        Created a test engine that dynamically created and modified XSD schemas via the classes in the Microsoft .NET

Framework’s System.Xml.Schema namespace using C# and XSLT. 

•        Tested .NET XML parser for conformance with XDR spec and W3C XML Schema spec (XSD). 

•        Wrote certain sections of .NET Framework SDK documentation on XML schemas. 

•        Answered questions about XML on the microsoft.public.dotnet.xml newsgroup. 


Publications (Conference Proceedings)  

•        A Proposal for an XML Data Definition and Manipulation Language. Proceeding from the VLDB 2002 Workshop EEXTT

and CAiSE 2002Workshop DIWeb. pp. 1 – 21.  

Publications (Print Magazine Articles)  

•        XML and Relational Databases. Dr. Dobbs Journal. March 28, 2003.  


Publications (Online Magazine Articles)  

•        8 articles on O’Reilly’s XML.com listed at http://www.xml.com/pub/au/142  

•        19 articles on the Microsoft Developer Network listed at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/enus/library/aa902491.aspx  


Extra Curricular Activities:

·         Lead developer for RSS Bandit, which is an Open Source feed reader which is hosted on

http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/rssbandit and has been downloaded almost 1,000,000 times since December 2003.

·         Author of multiple Windows Phone apps that have been downloaded over 850,000 times combined.