May 6, 2002
@ 12:58 AM
Speaking of Slashdot, I exchanged email with hemos a little while ago and asked about the The (Hopefully) Great Slashdot Whine Out as reported on kuro5hin. According to him, they had near record traffic on 3 of the black out days. Hopefully rho will now spend his excessive amount of energy and free into something productive. I suspect some degree of pent up sexual frustration is in action here.

I wonder if any of the Slashdot regulars remember some kid who tried organizing a boycott similar to rho's with the main difference being that discussion occured in hidden forums since this was before journals. I remeber him getting verbally smacked down in a couple of the debates and running of with his tail between his legs. I wonder why rho's was better received than his? Surely The Post couldn't have been the cause?