April 26, 2003
@ 12:58 AM
  • I've had my 2003 Infiniti G35 for about two weeks and I can't get over the fact that it is missing basic features that I took for granted in my 1999 Toyota Corolla. It's the little things like the fact the Corolla locked the doors when you started the car and unlocked them when you turned of the ignition. Or the fact that my dashboard lights came on automatically when it was dark which was especially cool when riding through the I-90 tunnels. I also miss my gas tank being on the left side of the car instead of having to walk around the car when I want to pump gas.

  • When I read about conferences about weblogging by webloggers where the primary thoughts of the participants is how to expose explode their status and reputation on the Internet I can't help wondering why people think they deserve status and reputation for posting their brain farts on the InterWeb even if they wrote the most interesting blog in the world

    By the way, it turns out the term "blogosphere" isn't the most pretentious drivel to come out of the weblogging fad. This dubious distinction goes to the term blogerati. And I used to think K5 was one big circle jerk.

    The following quote from a Slashdot post accurately sums up my feelings about the wannabe blogerati and their ilk
    There is nothing magical about the net. People are still people. Some of them are out for power, some are not. Some agree with me, some do not. Some people will be able to manipulate net media just like some people can manipulate mass media now.

    What obvious to me is that many bloggers have just as overinflated ego about their importance that many talking heads in the media have right now. For the moment, I'm avoiding the blog popularity contest. While I do read a few interesting blogs, I try to avoid ones run by people with big heads who think (right or wrong) that the internet will be the vehicle that will make them powerful.

  • Best Halloween Costume Ever.

  • My friend Irwin has a lot of hats.

  • I know a bit about XML but not that much about XML Web Services so often read the blogs of some of the web services folks @ B0rg Central to figure out what's going on in their heads. I read a recent post by Keith Ballinger where he says stuff like
    systems ... will be more robust using SOAP as opposed to other protocols. The key is ... 1) versioning via namespaces,
    OOP will be supplanted as the dominant programming model over the next 5-10 years as the XML and Web services model takes hold
    which I instincively disagree with but realize I need to see the ideas backed up with a lot more detail before I can decide if this is actually +5 Insightful or -1 Overrated.

  • Jon Udell talks about redirecting his RSS feed by putting a <redirect> element in the old feed. The correct way to do this is using an HTTP 301 in the manner described by Sam Ruby. I'm going to fix this in RSS Bandit next week especially since Mark Pilgrim complained about aggregators that don't support it.

    Using a <redirect> element in the old feed as a redirection mechanism makes sense when the provider of the feed doesn't control the web server but it is a hack and doesn't utilize existing web technologies. I'm debating whether I should support it as well in RSS Bandit.

  • To the Victor Go the Spoils of War

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