Since announcing that we've started the beta of our implementation of the MetaWeblog API for MSN Spaces, I've received a bunch of positive responses from a couple of blogging tool developers. So far it looks like there'll be at least six blogging tools users will be able to use to manage the blog on their space after we launch the API. Below are excerpts from some of the blog posts by the developers of the blogging tools I've been in contact with

From the post Spaces by Adriaan Tijsseling (developer of Ecto)

Alex and I are currently testing the beta version of MetaWeblog API for MSN Spaces. So far we caught a couple of bugs and suggested a few improvements, but it looks like a good implementation. The main developer, Dare Obasanjo, is doing a great job and is very response to our emails. Thanks, Dare!

I don't know when blogging to Spaces with blog clients like ecto is available, but we will keep you up to date.

I'm not the developer, I'm just a paper pushing PM (program manager) but I'm glad Adriaan thinks I've been responsive and our implementation is good.

From the post 30 Million MSN Spaces blogs ... and MetaWeblog remote posting in beta by Tris Hussey (developer on Qumana)

Dare Obasanjo announced at Gnomedex that MSN Spaces would be working on supporting remote posting APIs ... and now it's in beta testing!  We got the ping last night and we're testing implementation within Qumana now.

There are a couple of other blog tool vendors I've talked to both won't mention here since it's up to them to decide when to announce that their tools will also work with Spaces. So far, the feedback has been great and I look forward to further interactions with the various blog tool vendors as we open up more of the Spaces platform.

NOTE: The beta is currently for software developers so they can test that their tools work with MSN Spaces. We currently don't have plans for beta testing with regular users to test use for blogging on their spaces. If you are a developer of a blogging tool and are interested in your tool working with MSN Spaces, then give me a holler; dareo AT