December 9, 2002
@ 11:58 PM
Bob Abooey style, yo
  • Comments from Java developers on the IBM purchase of Rational seem to have been resoundingly negative. Comments on at discussions at Slashdot (290 comments) and The Server Side (95 comments) are resoundingly negative with lots of criticism towards Rational. Many people consider it a rescue and thought Rational Rose sucked.

    I hadn't realized there was so much bile directed at Rose. I've only used it once and that was at school on some crufty old Solaris box but I seem to remember it being described as the premiere tool in its class.

  • Shelley Powers made a comment about the dripping irony of the fact that a summit on the Social Impact of Software on group interaction was such a homogenous gathering of white males in their 30s to 50s. She got quite a number of flames in her comments and other blogs.

    I agree with her. When I think of the social impact of software I think about the fact that my mom in Nigeria, my sister in Ireland, and myself are regularly in touch instead of communicating via expensive phone calls or slow mail. It's schoolgirl journals being online. I think of online fora for abused people, terminally ill and the the bereaved to share their pain and help each other. It's findinglove in all the Web places.

    Looking at the pics, I can't help but feel that the audience looks more like a bunch of geeks who've been on the 'Net for a decade or two commiserating about how they now use IMs and blogs instead of IRC and USENET. Of course, this is me being stereotypical and judging people by their appearance.

  • A college student rants about the Microsoft interview process on Joel on Software. He could have benefitted from having a someone with experience or an ex-employee giving him tips and telling him the layout of the process. That thread seems to have a few of those. College folks thinking of interviewing at the Borg Cube in the future could do well to bookmark that thread.



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