The has a blog post entitled Is Meta Better? where he writes

Let me start with Digg. It is a proven model.  It works. When we funded delicious, Digg was about half the users and traffic of delicious. They are not the same service, but the delicious popular page and Digg are both places you can go see what's "hot" on the Internet. Since that time, Digg has grown to 1.3mm unique visitors a month compared to only 350k for delicious. These are Comscore Media Metrix numbers. Clearly Digg has a more mainstream user experience. Further, Digg's audience has doubled in the past three months, so it's growing fast.

But let's put this in perspective. Digg's reach (UVs) puts it 735th on Media Metrix' top 1000 sites list, between upromise and taleo. So in the grand scheme of things Digg isn't necessarily the next big thing on the Internet.

I find it surprising that even with the clout of Yahoo! behind it, sees such a relatively small amount of unique users a month. I guess this goes back to the 53,651 meme. I often see people at work using and Digg as examples that a feature or idea is sound but it is clear that these services aren't really popular enough to draw such conclusions.

By the way, given that RSS Bandit has seen over 250,000 downloads this year it looks like we'll soon be eligible to be purchased by Yahoo!. If so, I promise we'll be cheaper than . ;)

PS: Before I get any weird mail, the last comment is a joke. RSS Bandit is BSD licensed so you don't need to pay me us money to do anything you like with it.