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Programming Languages and Concepts

Articles about the evolution of C and C++ as well as some stuff on Java and C# as well.

Distributed Computing

Harnessing the power of the network in combination with object oriented programming techniques has always fascinated me. These articles cover my early experiences and thoughts on CORBA, DCOM and RMI.

Database Management Systems

In these articles I explore niche database technologies such as Object Oriented Database Management Systems and Native XML Databases.


This section will contain interviews with technology visionaries. Currently there is only one interview with Miguel De Icaza in this section but I plan to grow it as the mood strikes me.

Rants and Musings on Technology

Here I tackle various aspects of technology culture that bother me in one way or the other. From Open Source fanboys that think making source code available on some FTP server is the answer to the world's software security problems to overvalued technolgy companies from the dot bomb era. No one is safe from my scrutiny. :)


Links to article appearances in places as diverse as Slashdot, MSDN, Kuro5hin,,, Dr. Dobbs Journal and C# Today.

Programming Languages and Concepts

The Ramifications of a Garbage Collected C++
An exploration of the ramifications of adding garbage collection to C++ with a focus on research by Hans Boehm.

Are You Ready For C99?
A brief look at the most dramatic changes to the C programming language made in the C99 standard.

C++ in 2005: Can It Become A Java Beater?
This article dissects Bjarne Stroustrup's (the inventor of C++) wishlist of features and libraries to add to C++ when the time comes for the next draft of the standard.

The Balkanization Of A Popular Programming Language
A concerned look at the fact that C++ implementations have begun to vary widely with few vendors seemingly interested in standards conformance. Also includes some speculation on which other popular programming languages face similar balkanization pressures.

C# From a Java Developer's Perspective
A comprehensive comparison of Sun Microsoystem's Java programming language and Microsoft's C# programming language.

Distributed Computing

CORBA and Open Source
An attempt to encourage the usage of CORBA in Open Source applications.

Distributed Computing Technologies Explained: RMI vs. CORBA vs. DCOM
An overview of three of the most popular distributed computing technologies at the time the article was written.

Database Management Systems

An Exploration of Object Oriented Database Management Systems
An overview of OODBMSs including advantages and disadvantages of picking one over an RDBMS

An Exploration of XML in Database Management Systems
A snapshot of the state of the art in growing usage of XML in collaboration with database management systems.

A Proposal For A Simple XML Data Manipulation Language
Design and implementation of a SQL-like DML language for XML databases as well as an ODBC/JDBC like API that exposes the same functionality.


An Interview With Miguel De Icaza
An interview with Miguel de Icaza, the founder of GNOME and Ximian, where he talks about UNIX components, Bonobo, Mono and .NET.

Rants and Musings on Technology

Where Do Developers In The Software Industry Spend Time Online?
My exasperation with searching for a meeting place to engage in technical discussions with knowledgeable software developers on the internet.

VA Linux: A Case Study In Irrational Exuberance
A look at one of the most spectacular rises and falls of a stock price in history and why it was emblematic of the dotcomm era.

The Myth of Open Source Security Revisited
An attempt to debunk the myth that Open Source software is inherently more secure than proprietary software.

The Myth of Open Source Security Revisited v2.0
A follow up attempt to debunk the myth that Open Source software is inherently more secure than proprietary software which focuses on software engineering processes and utilizes security vulnerability statistics to underscore its point.


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