GA Tech almost cancelled all my classes today because the rest of my tuition check from Microsoft hadn't come through yet. Of course they refused to accept blame that it was partly their fault since originally told MSFT that I was in-state instead of out-of-state for tuition purposes so MSFT didn't send enough money the first time around. Even though I feel good that MSFT gave me a tuition scholarship for the school year, I can't help feeling unsatisfied since it was a minority scholarship which given how few black interns they had means that I probably got one simply for being black and making it through the interview process. A bunch of my friends have bitched at me for looking a gift horse in the mouth but I don't know...

I've missed writing articles for K5/Slashdot and have a few in mind that should be enjoyed by most including an interview with a semi-popular Open Source developer which should be rather interesting.

Noticed a new Who are you? article on the front page which probably means I need to update the Kuro5hin User Information Page with the new info. Since the HTML for K5 has changed since the last time I actually tried grabbing posts looks like a couple of hours of perl coding coming up...sweeeeet. :)

Working at MSFT was weirder than I expected. A lot of the employees seemed oblivious of what was going on in the rest of industry (e.g. the widespread acceptance of Java) also there was a lot less internal cohesiveness than media reports (especially Slashdot) would lead one to believe. It was kinda cool to be working with so many smart people but after the initial feelings of awe passed I left with the impression that I'm typically around people just as smart or smarter at school. What was cool was how accessible everyone was... I could email or swing by the offices of almost everyone I emailed or called which turned out to be pretty cool when I could email the head of Hailstorm or the guy in charge of .NET marketting and they'd respond to my emails in a detailed manner or schedule an appointment.

I actually think .NET is a cool technology that may give Java a run for its money if Sun becomes complacent and work progresses on .NET on other platforms progresses at a brisk enough pace. It looks like I may be going back there fulltime unless I can get a job working on stuff just as cool and cutting edge at another company which doesn't look likeley with all the cutbacks happening everywhere.