September 29, 2002
@ 12:58 AM

About a year ago self proclaimed security expert Steve Gibson got himself a lot of headlines by spreading FUD about raw socket in Windows XP which caught the minds of the popular press from CNet to ZDNet to a mention in a Cringely column. He was later shown up to be ignorant about the technnology he claimed to be knowledgeable about in his many dire warnings in several articles in the Register.

This morning during my daily blogstroll, I found an article by Dave Winer entitled RSS and namespaces in 2002 via Sam Ruby's weblog. The article inaccurately draws some conclusions based on misunderstanding of how XML namespace aware processing works and ignorance of the landscape of XML technologies.

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For a long time I've flirted with submitting the following question to Ask Slashdot or K5

When I first got interested in computers and programming there were people with really cool geek jobs that inspired me and became my role models. Of course, the more stuff I learned, the more I rethought my geek heroes.

Who were your geek heroes & role models when you first started programming? Have your hereos changed today, if so who are they now and why did they change?
My answer to the above question below, thoughts on the Barbershop movie, questionas about truth in advertising, ricers and more.

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September 15, 2002
@ 12:58 AM

I've long considered K5 diaries to be the best blogging tool around with the additional benefit of being free of charge. My only peeve has been that there was no way to create RSS Feeds from my diary.

Well this morning while shaking off a hangover I decided to go ahead and write a program that grabs a K5 diary then generates RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0 feeds for it. My RSS feeds are available on my website; RSS 0.91 Feed and RSS 1.0 Feed. I simply copied the respective feed structures from Sam Ruby and Don Box's blogs to come up with the ones my code generates. The code that does this is provided below.

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It's been a hectic week or so with some upheaval in my love life but I'm back now folks sans pretty Mexican girlfriend. This means definitely no Fiestas Patrias for me this weekend.

I've been stumbling upon more and more bookmark worthy articles and comments on Slashdot which is weird because I've always been somewhat of a Slashdot intellectual snob. The most recent insightful thread I considered bookmarking was this one (and this comment which I accidentally stumbled on looking for the original comment). I also found the a link to an article by Malcolm Gladwell called The Talent Myth: Are Smart People Overrated which was a rather insightful look at corporate culture which I have bookmarked and has made me consider a subscription to the New Yorker. My thoughts on this essay and how much I think it applies to my employer below.

Also included below are thoughts on Bruce Perens' job loss, where the quality print journalism is, the proliferation of advertising for "male enhancement" drugs, conversations with my dad and a true story involving the former Worldcom CFO.

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Sam Ruby has a weblog entry that points to a new Joel Spolsky article on the importance of making development platforms free to ensure adoption by the developer community. This is probably the first Joel On Software article I have disagreed with. Exposition on why I disagree with how Joel presented his argument against how Groove is currently being licensed.

I bumped into a fellow Borg employee at a night club last night and the experience cemented my earlier decision to avoid dating within the Borg ranks. More below.

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