The list of PDC 2005 sessions is out. The website is rather craptacular since I can't seem to link directly to search results or directly to sessions. However thanks to some inside information from my man Doug I found that if you search for "POX" in the the session track list, you'll find the following session abstract

Indigo: Web Services for XML Programmers
If you love XML, you will love this session. Learn how to write services that range from Plain Old XML (POX) to WS-I Basic Profile and WS-* using Indigo. Learn best practices for transforming and manipulating XML data as well as how and when to expose strong-typed views. If you use XML, XSLT, XSD, and serialization directly in your Web services today, this session offers the information you need to successfully migrate your services to Indigo.
Session Level(s): 300
Track(s): Communications

Microsoft's next generation development platforms are looking good for web developers. AJAX support? check. RSS support? check. And now it looks like the Indigo folks will be enabling developers to build distributed applications on the Web using plain old XML (POX) over HTTP as well as SOAP. 

A number of popular services on the Web expose APIs on the Web using POX (although they mistakenly call them REST APIs). In my post Misunderstanding REST: A look at the Bloglines, and Flickr APIs I pointed out that the Flickr API, API and the Bloglines sync API are actually examples of POX web services not REST web services. This approach to building services on the Web has grown increasingly popular over the past year and it's great that Microsoft's next generation distributed computing platform will support this approach.

I spent a bunch of time convincing the Indigo folks to consider widening their view of Web services and thanks to open minded folks like Doug, Don & Omri it looks like I was successful.

Of course, it isn't over yet. The icing on the cake would be the ability to get full support for using REpresentational State Transfer (REST) in Indigo. Wish me luck. :)

Update: I was going to let the Indigo guys break this themselves but I've been told that it is OK to mention that there will be first class support for building REpresentational State Transfer (REST) web services using Indigo.