February 18, 2004
@ 06:28 AM

Chris Sells writes

On his quest to find "non-bad WinFS scenarios" (ironically, because he was called out by another Microsoft employee -- I love it when we fight in public : ), Jeremy Mazner, Longhorn Technical Evangelist, starts with his real life use of Windows Movie Maker and trying to find music to use as a soundtrack. Let Jeremy know what you think.

I think the scenario is compelling. In fact, the only issue I have with the WinFS scenario that Jeremy outlines is that he implies that the metadata about music files Windows Media player exposes is tied to the application but in truth most of it is tied to the actual media files as regular file info [file location, date modified, etc] or as ID3 tags [album, genre, artist, etc]. This means that there doesn't even need to be explicit inter-application sharing of data.

If the file system had a notion of a music item which exposed the kind of information one sees in ID3 tags which was also exposed by the shell in standard ways then you could do lots of interesting things with music metadata without even trying hard. I also like it's quite compelling because metadata attached to music files is such a low hanging fruit that one can get immediate value out of and which exists today on the average person's machine.