Yesterday I sent out mail to a few dozen beta testers to let them know that we had started the beta of our implementation of the MetaWeblog API for MSN Spaces. For the uninitiated, the MetaWeblog API will enable you to create, update and delete posts within the blog on a space. This means that you'll be able to use tools like Blogjet and W.Bloggar to manage the blog on your space. A number of other interesting scenarios are now enabled by this as well including

  • Photo sites like Flickr that have a "Post photo(s) to your weblog" feature can now integrate with MSN Spaces.

  • Plugins for posting to MSN Spaces can be added to traditional text editors. An example of this is the Blogger for Word plugin

  • RSS/Atom readers that have a "Blog This" feature can be used to post directly to your space.

There are a lot more interesting ideas one can explore once the API is widely available. If you are interested in the beta testing our implementation of the MetaWeblog API, send me email; dareo at