The comment to get the most rating for any story I've written is one where some idiot calls me a Microsoft astroturfer because I happened to have worked there and got a scholarship for them. Interestingly I didn't see those same people complaining when I wrote an article about XML even though from all the hits to my resume from that post these conspiracy theorists know that I not only worked for Microsoft but on the .NET XML team (say it isn't so!!!). But here I am writing an article that mentions XML, Microsoft and Open Source. I must be burnt at the stake, Eeeeeevil Astroturfer that I am.

What particularly amused me is the fact that the zealot actually felt he had revealed some grand secret by pointing to my resume that holds information that I've posted to my K5 diary and made known to K5ers by having my URL in my user info & comments,what a boob. If only these people spent half the amount of time they spent frothing at the mouth about conspiracy theories, trying to getting laid or at least trying to improve the quality of their much vaunted Open Source softyware the world would be a better place.

Taking 20 credits in my final semester was a dumb idea. I have zero free time and whenever I do take time off I quickly fall behind. *sigh*

Finally, the biggest 21st birthday bar tab, I've seen so far.