I also liked the fact that the poster of that comments makes a big todo about he fact that Apple quickly posted an update as if adding quotes to the offending line on the script is some sort of major engineering feat.

Anyway back to my life. Hacking the Linux kernel isn't as bad as I expected. Although I bitched earlier about the lack of comments in some parts of the code, it turns out that where things get really complicated there are good blow-by-blow descriptions of the big picture. Even then there are a lot of places where comments need to be added, Heck, I'd offer to add them myself if I had the cred to have a patch containing only comments to be accepted.

I'd really like to see some of the practitioners of eXtreme Programming explain to me exactly how to do without coments in something as domain specific and complex as the Linux kernel. <sarcasm> Yeah, descriptive variable names and smaller sized functions are al I need to get a good idea of all the strategies implemented and their ramifications in the memory allocation code when the system is low on memory.< /sarcasm>

Also my dating life currently sucks because I'm taking 20 hours and barely have enough time to sleep and eat let alone be in a relationship or engage in pursuits that would lead to one. Taking 20 hours now seems like such a dumb idea especially since if I fuck around and fail a class which would make me ineligible to graduate in December defeating the purpose of taking the GPA hit of a 20 hour course load in the first place. *sigh*