November 14, 2001
@ 11:58 PM
Programmers that mostly don't comment their code but leave my-dick-is-bigger-than-yours comments when they do simply waste the time of other competent programmers who are reading the code and end up making themselves look like idiots. Not to mention the fact that now people have to track them down to find out exactly what the heck the code is meant to be doing. I've lost count of the amount of time I've wasted reading reams of code because some twit failed to document his code because it was so l337 or self eveident to him, yet once the code is understood the poor quality of the code boggles the mind.

So greenrd, take this from someone who read the code, understood it and isn't a kung fu kernel hacker....leaving "You are not meant to understand this" as the primary comment in an important part of teh Linux kernel code that handles memory allocation is a stupid thing to do and is primarily an indicator of the immaturity of the original author of the code.