March 20, 2002
@ 11:58 PM
From the quote, you can tell what I did tonight. It was fun, dinner with Miguel, Sam Ruby, Joshua Allen, Dr. GUI , Lee Fisher and Omri. The food was OK and the conversation was interesting with us Borg facing off against the Open Source proponents in friendly conversation. I should add that Sam works on Apache SOAP and came along with Miguel which should indicate which side he fell on. I had invited Eric Gunnerson and Anders Hejlsberg but Eric was ill and Anders had a previous engagement [I should have emailed him last week instead of a few hours before dinner :)].

I finally have internet and now can continue with my work on SiXDML which will probably tick off my [new] girlfriend when I start writing/coding on the weekends besides the amount of time I spend at work during the week. The previous statement reminds me of an amusing comment Miguel made at dinner about us MSFT employees needing to not work on weekends so we can give the Open Source folks time to catch up. :)

I'm sure some OSS zealot will misconstrue the previous statment but I've borrowed a leaf from Miguel's book[inside joke] and will simply say Hakuna Matata. Flame away, I'm used to it anyway. *chuckle*. Anyway about SiXDML, I got a cool message today from Dietrich Ayala saying he was working on a PHP implementation which makes me realize I have to step up efforts on an updated version of the spec as well as the paper I plan to submit to the EEXTT 2002 conference and get to visit Hong Kong.

K5 has unfortunately been going through a suckage phase which I assume has to do with the new influx of users from Slashdot. However since this is probably the second or third time I've watch the cycle of "new user influx->crappy meta stories->lots of MLPs->lots of slashdot->normalcy", it's not as irritating as it used to be to watch the percentage of intelligent discussion and articles on K5 drop by almost 50 per cent for a few weeks.

What is interesting is that I've come to the conclusion that Slashdot's audience really does outclass K5's for technical issues. My last 3 storries that ran on both sites elicited a larger percentage of informed and insightful responses on Slashdot than on K5. I was particularly surprised that the Slashdot version of my Open Source security article was more objectively and critically received than the Kuro5hin version. The aricle also ran on to good albeit much fewer responses.

I finally bought a DVD player after holding out for so long in protest of DeCSS but finally realized I was probably the last person on Earth still boycotting for that reason and went ahead and threw down for one. So far, my pr0n and cartoon watching experiences have been greatly improved by the upgrade from VHS although the increased cost of the media probably means I'll be sticking to VHS for a while unless the features on the DVD are particularly compelling. I'll probably purchase a TiVo as well once I get cable hooked up because I'm tired of missing Rap City on B.E.T.


Sleep calls. I'll probably add another entry this weekend.