Soul Train Screws Up

The Soul Train situation is an example of why you should hire a pr firm instead of have your sysadmin answer email. CNN and E! Online are both carrying a story about how an online petition to protest the fact that some no-singing R & B chick who's main job is to serve as eye candy in Ja Rule's rap videos is more deserving of the Aretha Franklin award than Grammy Award winning Alicia Keys or Indie Arie has incurred SoulTrain's wrath.

Both official Soul Train responses are so full of ignorance, racism and flat out stupidity that they remind me of Chris Rock's skit about how some people keep setting the black race back with their public displays of ignorance. Choice bits include
While not, in any way, intending to promote racism, we must concede that we are also, quite, amazed that such a large group of individuals, undoubtedly, mostly African-American, can be provoked toward such vivid expressions of disrespect and hateful speech (against a young, Black recording artist, as well as Soul Train), under the leadership of an individual whose foreign-sounding name (Rommel Zamora), may be an indication that he is not African-American.
It is our view that (with the exception of the majority of such e-mails received, which are in, full, support of our position) all such e-mailers should, not only be concerned but outraged, over the fact that a people, whose ancestry suffered 400 years of slavery, can be herded, so easily, into a, virtually, bottomless mud hole and be taught to sling such mud therein, on command, at parties who, essentially, mean them no harm, whatsoever.

Indeed, we at, are very saddened to learn that, during an age when suicide terrorists have been able to level skyscrapers, in America, more than eighteen-thousand (18,000) mud-slinging, petition signers and a handful of, hateful and negative, e-mail writers, have nothing better to do with the precious time they all have left on Earth.