February 7, 2003
@ 11:58 PM
Not much to say today so it's Bob Abooey style.
  • Kimbro Staken has been talking to me about integrating SiXDML into a future release of Apache Xindice. Sanjay took my old code for the SiXDML over the Excelon XML database and created the SiXDML Xindice project on SourceForge. With any luck I can get Sanjay and Kimbro to work together then my college research project would eventually get integrated into an Apache project and get a bunch of users. Sweet.

  • A Woman's Guide on How to Pee Standing Up. Nuff Said.

  • According to a recent study published this month Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug or so says a Guardian article. Looks like someone should send the report to the US government and see how they reconcile that with their treatment of medical marijuana users and their love for "Faith-bases initiatives".

  • The 100 Worst Things About 2002 on RetroCrush is quite funny.

  • Am I the only one that was freaked out by last night's Michael Jackson documentary. I don't know who I feel sorrier for, him or his kids. Also is it me or is his blonde son's hair dyed and not actually blonde given his dark hair roots were showing?

  • Dave Winer claims to only get 5,000 page views when Slashdotted and seems jealous of Joel's 400,000 page views per Slashdotting. I am quite surprised Dave gets only 5,000 hits per Slashdotting given that my punk ass was got about 70,000 for my C# vs. Java article while I was still in school and not some web pundit like Dave or Joel. This number doesn't also take into account the fact that the page was mirrored by two or three Slashdotters and by myself on my GA Tech page.

    The only conclusion I can draw is that Dave Winer is wrong about his Slashdotting numbers.

  • I've found the perfect conference to submit my paper on The Problems With Using W3C XML Schema as a Basis for Strongly Typed XML. A few folks at work pointed me to the PLAN-X Workshop on Programming Language Technologies for XML which seems almost tailor-made for such a paper. I imagine it'll be a handful of academics and not lots of vendors pitching snake oil which is exactly what I'm looking for.
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