February 23, 2003
@ 11:58 PM
Spring Break

This time next month some friends and I will be hanging out at Panama City Beach getting crunk (not a misspelling) with the college kids. At least one of the guys I'll be hanging out with is someone I haven't seen in almost two years. I don't think all four of us have all hung out together before. Should be fun.

I miss my niggaz.


Nigerian Scam Letter Blog

I stumbled on a blog whose entries are Nigerian 419 scam letters. I wonder if the author of the blog will expand it to include news about 419 scams like the fact that the Nigerian ambassador to the Czech republic was recently shot by a 419 victim.


Peak Inside Microsoft

Scott Guthrie, one of the ASP.NET honchos has started a weblog where he gives an inside look at various Microsoft internal processes. You don't have to be a Microsoft Ho to find some of the info Scott gives out to be interesting.


Software Patents

One of our MVPs emailed me recently about wanting to reject his MVP status because he was offended by some of Microsoft's software patents. This comes shortly after the hubub about Microsoft's patent related to the .NET Framework.

I have a simple take on software patents which mirrors the current thinking at Microsoft. They are a necessary evil that prevent you from getting ganked by a competitor. However the world would be a better place if they didn't exist at all.


Work Blues

Work's been sucking recently and I've avoided blogging the past week because I felt so frustrated that I didn't want some of that to spill into my writing. Things seem to have worked themselves out for the best which is cool. Joshua has been in the middle of all this as well and he mentions that he hopes to write more about difficult work situations. I believe I've learned quite a bit about working with people and office politics in the past few weeks. I doubt I'll ever write down any more thoughts related to this but would be very interested in Joshua's impressions as well as those of any K5ers who feel like contributing some thoughts.

In the meantime I'm going to spend time reading Robert Read's excellent How To Be A Programmer.


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