July 1, 2003
@ 12:58 AM
More Popular than my Dad

I spoke to my dad this afternoon and he mentioned that he recently met with one of the head honchos at Microsoft Africa who mentioned that he knew of me. He then made some crack about me being more popular than him.

I almost asked if he reads my K5 diary and came across my comment on being the most popular Obasanjo on the Web based on the Google results of querying for my last name


Contract-First Design

Doug Purdy (one of the coolest cats I've had the pleasure of working with) does not like contract-first design when it comes to building XML Web Services. Specifically he states
Contract/Schema First Development: It appears that this is catching on. I wish it didn't have too. This approach to development is anchored in the immaturity of the tools, languages, and programming models for building [XML] Web service applications
Reading his comments I can't help but think that there is a flaw in either his reasoning or my understanding of his comment. A message contract such as an XML schema describes what constitutes valid messages that can be exchanged by two web service endpoints. I can't imagine how it is possible to not start building an XML Web Service with the contract first before writing the code. This reminds me of tools that reverse engineer UML diagrams from existing code. They should be used when no alternative exists not be the first choice.


Discovering the Secret of their Success

Carb Solutions Taste Sensations - Creamy Chocolate Peanut


Whither the Blogerati?

It seems the big chief of blog wanking himself has decided that he is tired of blogging about blogging. Specifically
I'm tired of blogging about blogging. I kinda OD'd on it in Boston a couple weeks back, at the bizblog conference there. Fun as it was, a room full of bloggers blogging about blogging, mostly (it seemed to me at the time) for each other, seemed almost a parody of a parody of itself.
I had expected that he would keep the blogging circle jerk going till at least the end of the year before it became played out. Dang, it's like the digerati all over again. I do like the fact that Doc does have enough of a sense of humor to have linked to the Internet Pundit Fantasy Camp.


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