August 24, 2003
@ 12:58 AM
Differences between v1.1.0.16 and v1.1.0.29 below. With this release I'll be scaling back on working on RSS Bandit for the next month or two except for bug fixes. My next Extreme XML column will be about some of the inner workings of RSS Bandit and after that I'll spend the next month or two focusing on blogging software. The members of the BlogX GDN Workspace have spoken and I'll be working on dasBlog in the coming weeks. The main question is how to transfer the focus of the 300 or so members of the GDN Workspace (granted only about a dozen are active in any significant way) to working on dasBlog without a repeat of the current BlogX situation where the initial poject owner releases a promising code drop then loses interest. Ahhh, project management fun. :)