October 25, 2003
@ 05:47 PM

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Differences between v1.1.0.36 and v1.2.0.42 below.

  • Support for password protected feeds using either HTTPS/SSL or HTTP Authentication. This feature can be tested using Steven Garrity's test feeds.
  • The ability to store and retrieve feed list from remote locations such as a dasBlog blog, an FTP server or a network file share. This enables users utilizing RSS aggregators on multiple machines to synchronize their feed list from a single point. This feature has been called a subscription harmonizer by some.
  • Multiple feeds downloaded simultaneously instead of one at a time thus reducing download time.
  • When saving as OPML, the hierarchy of the feed list is preserved instead of writing out a flat structure.
  • Default theme for viewing items changed to resemble that of a mail reader like Outlook Express. 
  • Added support for <dc:author> and <author> elements to a number of templates including the default theme.
  • FIXED: Feed list corruption when importing an OPML file where xmlUrl="" for some feeds
  • FIXED: NullReferenceException involving streams when accessing feeds after RSS Bandit has been running for a long time.