November 23, 2003
@ 01:11 AM

Last night a went to an Irish bar with a couple of friends to watch the Rugby World Cup. It was a well-fought match that went into overtime with a number of tense moments eventually resulting in England being victorious over Ireland Australia . The price of admission was a bit steep ($20) but raucous bar atmosephere was a fun way to watch my first rugby match. It reminded me of American Football with no pads and soccer-isms like "offsides", "throw ins" and "free kicks". The fact that the ball could only be moved forward by running or kicking which explained all the backward passes was also quite different from American Football. Definitely an interesting experience.

Last weekend I was at the Drunk Puppet Nite which also turned out to be an interesting experience.  Although, the fliers make it seem like it's all puppet shows there were at least three dramatic pieces without puppets of the nine or ten I saw. The quality of the show ranged from very good to abysmal. Some of the puppet shows were funny because they were well done (the one with the kid whose talking toilet convinces him to steal laxatives so he can get to "eat some butt chocolate")  while others were because they were so poorly done (two guys who seemed to have been tripping off of acid with hand puppets arguing about who ate what from who's refridgerator) . Other aspects of the show were just plain weird, for instance the scene that consisted entirely of two matronly women at a church service [complete with choir music in the background] who ate bananas in a very suggestive manner. The show cost $15, considering that this is the price of two movie tickets or three movies from Blockbuster I'd say that price was a little steep and $10 would be more fair. In definitely, beat sitting around the house though.

On an unrelated note, one thing that connected both nights in my mind was that at both events I was the black guy. Just me, no other persons of African descent were in the audience. I'm completely used to it now but often wonder if it shouldn't bother me in some way.  

Anyway, I'm off to get a haircut.