Torsten and I have been working on a feature which we hope will satisfy multiple feature requests at one shot. Based on our user feedback, the most important feature requests always revolve around search. People would like to make requests like

  1. Show me all posts containing a particular key word or key phrase.
  2. Show me all posts by person foo that fall within a particular date range.
  3. Show me all the new posts by person(s) foo where new could either mean within a certain date range or simply mean that it hasn't been read. This request was first made by Don Box although I suspect others would like to have this feature as well. 

The icing on the cake is being able to save these searches in persistent Search Folders" in the same way that Outlook 2003 does today. The current released version of RSS Bandit can only perform searches like (1) above and doesn't have search folders although the code to perform these searches already exists most of the work remaining at the time was in the user interface. We've been making some progress on this front and Search Folders are now in the UI. Screenshot below.


As can be seen from the above screenshot, we've also implemented Outlook 2003 style multi-colored "quickflags" with Special Feeds for each seperate class of flagged items.


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