January 28, 2004
@ 01:38 AM

Fumiaki Yoshimitu writes

 DOM L3 Validation gets recommended.

We know that XPathDocument2 will have validation (and augmentation) feature, but how about XmlDocument?  Will it support any of the DOM L3 feature?  This is another question related to the rumor that XmlDocument is dead.  Dare?
Actually we've decided to rethink having a Validate() method on the class that is currently called XPathDocument2 because it may lead users down the wrong path. Our worry is that users will end up loading an XML document and then call Validate() on it thus incurring the cost of two passes over the document as opposed to the more efficient approach of loading the document with a validating XmlReader. For this reason we've removed the Validate() method from the class.
Also there is no plan to have XmlDocument support any DOM L3 feature. Moving forward, the primary representation of in-memory XML documents on the .NET Framework will be the class currently called XPathDocument2 and that is where the Microsoft WebData XML team's efforts will be spent.