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From: Dare Obasanjo <dareo@mi...>
Synchronizing RSS Bandit Across Multiple Machines  
2004-03-02 00:29
 Hello all, 
   One of the big features on TODO list is to implement a way to
 synchronize the state of RSS Bandit across multiple machines so that if
 you use it on one machine and start it up on another it remembers what
 you've read, what you're subscribed to, etc. I've gone as far as writing
 a spec[0] for a format that does this. The main problems I've had now is
 that there needs to be a server where the individual RSS Bandit
 instances can fetch feeds from in the same way your mail reader (e.g.
 Outlook) downloads mail from your mail server (e.g Exchange). Since it
 is unlikely that users will be able to setup servers for this purpose
 here are a couple of ideas I've thought of supporting. I'd love your
 feedback and added suggestions 
 1.) FTP support: This is straightforward, an RSS Bandit instance can
 upload and download a SIAM file containing synchronization information
 via FTP. 
 2.) Mail support: This is fairly crafty and some would call it a hack.
 RSS Bandit mails the subscription file either as a zipped attachment or
 as inline text content to the user's email address and can download it
 using POP3 if the user's mail server supports POP3. The appropriate mail
 to use for synchronization is identified by an extension header in the
 mail or some similar identifier. There are a large number of free POP3
 services[1] and users can create a throwaway account specificly for RSS
 Bandit synchronization. 
 Please all and you please none. 

If you are an RSS Bandit user I would appreciate your thoughts on the issue. Most of the responses I've gotten so far is that I should just implement synchronization support via FTP which I'm not sure is that accessible to the average RSS Bandit user.