In less than a week we'll be launching the XML Developer Center on MSDN and replacing the site at The main differences between the XML Developer Center and what exists now will be

  1. The XML Developer Center will provide an entry point to working with XML in Microsoft products such as Office and SQL Server.

  2. The XML Developer Center will have an RSS feed.

  3. The XML Developer Center will pull in content from my work weblog.

  4. The XML Developer Center will provide links to recommended books, mailing lists and weblogs.

  5. The XML Developer Center will have content focused on explaining the fundamentals of the core XML technologies such as XML Schema, XPath, XSLT and XQuery.

  6. The XML Developer Center will provide sneak peaks at advances in XML technologies at Microsoft that will be shipping future releases of the .NET Framework, SQL Server and Windows.

During the launch the feature article will be the first in a series by Mark Fussell detailing the changes we've made to the System.Xml namespaces in Whidbey. His first article will focus on the core System.Xml classes like XmlReader and XPathNavigator. A follow up article is scheduled that will talk about additions to System.Xml since the last version of the .NET Framework such as XQuery. Finally, either Mark or Matt Tavis will write an article about the changes coming to System.Xml.Serialization such as the various hooks for allowing custom code generation from XML schemas such as IXmlSerializable (which is no longer an unsupported interface) and SchemaImporterExtensions.

I'll also be publishing our guidelines for exposing XML in .NET applications as well during the launch. If there is anything else you'd like to see on the XML Developer Center let me know.