I just found the following post in Andrew Watt's blog

Beta of RSS Bandit Available - but doesn't work, at least for me

Dare Obasanjo has announced, RSS Bandit (beta) available, the availability for download of a beta of RSS Bandit. The download is available from Sourceforge.net.

Installation was smooth but the beta unfortunately seems not to be able to access any feeds, whether RDF or RSS. Sometimes it fails with an exception, sometimes silently. I don't know whether it is because the uninstall of the previous version didn't clean up fully after itself or not (it didn't) or for some other reason.

The end result, however, is that RSS Bandit is broken meantime failing to access any RSS or RDF feed I have pointed it at.

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The point of betas is to gather feedback about possible issues with the software before a release. If you are a beta user and would like to provide feedback you can file bugs in the bug database on SourceForge, send a message to the mailing list or discussion board
It may seem that like this is too much trouble in which case you can blog about your woes and Torsten or I will eventually find your post. However it would be much appreciated if you provided a way to follow up and get more details about your problem. The above post by Andrew Watt is an example of a post we can't do much with since he has no contact information on his blog and it doesn't support comments.  
Thanks to all the folks out there using RSS Bandit and helping us make it better. You all rock.