This week Torsten figured out how to get the equivalent of “Subscribe in RSS Bandit” to the context menu in Internet Explorer and Firefox when you right-click on a link. Below is a screenshot of what it looks like in Internet Explorer.

The currently text in the context menu is “subscribe in default aggregator“. Given that other aggregators like FeedDemon and Newsgator have had this functionality for a while, Torsten was thinking that instead of cluttering the context menu with every aggregator the user is subscribed to instead the link should be to the registered handler of the feed URI scheme.  This means that if you have SharpReader and RSS Bandit installed, but SharpReader is registered as your 'default aggregator' [meaning it's the one that get's launched when you click on URIs like feed://] then the target of the context menu will launch SharpReader and not RSS Bandit. 

I think I'd prefer an explicit “Subscribe in RSS Bandit” menu item as opposed to “Subscribe in your default aggregator”. What do RSS Bandit  users think?