I just noticed a post on Mark Pilgrim's blog entitled Hot RSS where he writes

I would like to applaud CNET for their courageous invention of a completely new and incompatible version of RSS. They call it dlhottitles, but I think it deserves to be named something sexy, like “Hot RSS”. Here’s a live sample (static mirror). Some people might say that CNET was ripping up the pavement by inventing their own incompatible syndication format instead of re-using one of the myriad of existing incompatible syndication formats. Some people might get a little hot and bothered about the fact that CNET is featuring it prominently on a page entitled “Simply RSS”, complete with the requisite orange XML button that shows that this is truly the product of a clued-in syndication producer. But I say: the more RSS the merrier!

I am completely perplexed by this move by C|Net, I can only hope it's a belated April Fool's joke. I wanted to join in the fun and add support for the format to RSS Bandit but my my problems from yesterday have left me without a working install of Visual Studio.

Viva la Hot RSS.