August 31, 2004
@ 05:52 AM

This release fixes a number of bugs in v1.2.0.114. Major features will show up in the next release as described in the RSS Bandit product roadmap.

Download the installer from here.  Differences between v1.2.0.117 and v1.2.0.114 below.

UPDATE: v1.2.0.117 replaces v1.2.0.114 SP1

  • FEATURE: French translation added.

  • FEATURE: Double clicking on an item in the list view opens the link in a new browser tab.

  • FIXED: In certain situations RSS Bandit crashes with the following error message 'StartMainGui() exiting main event loop on exception.'

  • FIXED: Mouse wheel now supported in embedded Web browser pane.

  • FIXED: Changing the maximum item age for a feed does not refresh the feed and download old items still available in the feed.

  • FIXED: Synchronizing feed lists caused exceptions if categories were renamed, moved or deleted.

  • FIXED: Feeds that use 302 redirects with relative URIs as the location no longer result in 'Unsupported URI format' errors

  • FIXED: Fetching feeds behind a proxy no longer results in 'The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.' when the feed references a DTD

  • FIXED: Duplicate entries when the title of an item changes

  • FIXED: Relative URIs in images and links show up with about:blank as their base URI for certain XSLT templates.

  • FIXED: Space bar sometimes does not always move to the next unread item

  • FIXED: Environment variables are not accepted within Options|Remote Storage configuration protocol "File Share"

  • FIXED: Toolbars don't remember that their visible state on restart when RSS Bandit closed via system tray context menu

  • FIXED: Feeds returning HTTP 410 status code now disabled automatically and report the error "The requested resource is not longer available"