Charlene Li has a post entitled Bloghercon conference proposed where she writes

Quick – name me five woman bloggers. You probably came up with Wonkette, and if you’re reading this post, you’ve got me on your list. Can you come up with three more?

This is why Lisa Stone’s suggestion to develop Bloghercon is such a great idea. (Elisa Camahort has a follow-up post with more details here .)

It’s not that there are no women bloggers out there – it’s that we haven’t built up a network comparable to the “blog-boy’s club” that dominates the Technorati 100 . This is not to presume that there’s a conspiracy – just the reality that for a number of reasons, woman bloggers have had difficulty gaining visibility.


Interestingly enough I actually counted 10 women bloggers I know off of the top of my head without needing to count Charlene or knowing who this Wonkette person is. My list was Shelley Powers, Julia Lerman, Liz Lawley, Danah Boyd, Rebecca Dias, KC Lemson, Anita Rowland, Megan Anderson, Eve Maler and Lauren Wood. As I finished the list lots more came to mind, in fact I probably could have hit ten just counting women at MSN I know who blog but that would have been too easy.


I am constantly surprised by the people who read the closed circle of white-male dominated blogs commonly called the A-list who think that this somehow constitutes the entire blogosphere (I do dislike that word) or even a significant part of it.


I wonder when the NAACP or Jesse Jackson are going to get in on the act and hold a blaggercon conference for black bloggers. Speaking of which, it's my turn to ask "Quick – name me five black bloggers". Post your answers in the comments.


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