March 20, 2005
@ 07:40 PM

This is the final release of the version formerly codenamed "Wolverine". This is the most significant release to date and has a ton of cool features. Enjoy.

Download the installer from here. Differences between v1.2.0.117 and v1.3.0.26 below.


Newspaper styles: Ability to view all unread posts in feeds and categories or all posts in a search folder in a Newspaper view. This view uses templates that are in the same format as those used by FeedDemon so one can use RSS Bandit newspaper styles in FeedDemon and vice versa. One can choose to specify a particular stylesheet for a given feed or category. For example, one could use the slashdot.fdxsl stylesheet for viewing Slashdot, headlines.fdxsl for viewing news sites in the News category and outlook-express.fdxsl for viewing blog posts.

Column Chooser: Ability to specify which columns are shown in the list view from a choice of Headline, Topic, Date, Author, Comment Count, Enclosures, Feed Title and Flag. One can choose to specify a column layout for a particular feed or category. For example, one could use the layout {Headline, Author, Topic, Date, Comment Count} for a site like Slashdot but use one like {Headline, Topic, Date} for a traditional blog that doesn't have comments.

Item Deletion: News items can be deleted by either using the [Del] key or using the context menu. Deleted items go to the "Deleted Items" special folder and can be deleted permanently by emptying the folder or restored to the original feed at a later date.

Category Properties: It is now possible to specify certain properties for all feeds within a category such as how often they should be updated or how long posts should be kept before being removed. Integration: Users who have accounts on the service can upload links to items of interest directly from RSS Bandit.

Skim Mode: Added option to 'Mark All Items As Read on Exiting a Feed'

Scoped Search: Searches can be restricted to specific feeds or categories. So now one can create searches like finding all unread messages that are a week old which contain 'Microsoft' in the title from the Slashdot, InfoWorld or Microsoft-Watch feed.

Search Folder Improvements: Made the following additions to the context menu for search folders; 'New Search Folder', 'Refresh Search', 'Mark All Items As Read' and 'Rename Search Folder'. Also deletion of a search folder now prompts the user to prevent accidental deletion

Subscribing to Web Search Results: Previous versions allowed users to search Web search engines from RSS Bandit, add search engines of their choice as well as specify whether the results were RSS or not. In this version, users can now subscribe to RSS search results after they are returned. By default, MSN Search and Feedster are installed as web search engines with RSS results.

UI Improvements: Tabbed browsers now use a multicolored border reminiscent of Microsoft OneNote.

Identities: One can create multiple personas with associated information (homepage, name, email address, signature, etc) for use when posting comments to weblogs that support the CommentAPI.

Proxy Exclusion List: Users can specify domains which should be accessed directly instead of via the proxy server when making HTTP requests

HTTP Cookie Support: We now support HTTP cookies when requesting feeds.

Delta Encoding in HTTP Support: We support the RFC3229+feed technique when downloading feeds as described at

Better SSL Certificate Error Handling: If there is a problem with the SSL certificate of a site RSS Bandit now provides a dialog with the error information so users can make an informed decision instead of just erroring.


* Fixed issue where a feed with an invalid XML character is encountered it fills the Feed Errors folder with repeated messages whose title begins with "Refresh feed '' failed with error:[], hexadecimal value [] is an invalid character..."

* Comments now sorted from oldest to newest

* Comments now sorted visually differentiated from posts that link to an entry

* Fixed issue where we can't get title from feed that requires username/password in the New Feeds dialog even if they are specified

* Automatic feed detection now ignore feeds a user allready subscribed to

* Fixed issue with ObjectDisposedException sometimes thrown when notification windows pop up

* Fixed issue where if the URL for a feed is changed using the Properties dialog then all old posts are deleted

* Fixed issue where WordPress comment feeds don't show up in RSS Bandit because they use wfw:commentRSS instead of wfw:commentRss

* Clicking on a category node now shows all items from feeds in nested categories as well as child feeds instead of showing items from child feeds only

* Flagged items no longer marked as unread when placed in a flagged item folder

* Fixed issue where updating a search folder's properties leads to duplicate search folders being created

* Fixed issue where errors on loading a cached feed file prevent the feed from being updated from the Web

* Fixed issue where if RSS Bandit is not yet running and you select "Subscribe in default aggregator" within the web browsers context menu or provide url's at the command line, it displays an empty category dropdown.

* URLs containing Cr/Lf no longer cause an error on startup due to a data format XML schema exception

* Locate Feed feature now recognizes Atom autodiscovery links on Blogspot blogs

* Fixed issue where startup position of main window not correct on multi-screen systems

* Fixed issue where we get a feed error when an item in the feed contains an empty slash:comments element


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