Torsten just posted the following announcement about the RSS Bandit support forums

Because of the amount of spam from fake user/member accounts we changed the rules related to how new members are approved to use/post to our forums.

Each new user will be approved by one of the forum administrators manually. You will have to provide a VALID e-mail address while registering. So if you don't get approved within 10 minutes, please don't try again with other/changed e-mail addresses.
We are humans and need to sleep some minutes every day

If you get access, you will receive a mail from forumadmin at soon...

We were getting almost a dozen spam posts a day which made the forum RSS feed completely useless. We shut down accepting new members for a few days until Torsten figured out that we could add an approval process for new member requests.

Having to deal with approving new member requests is a hassle but a lot less than having to delete posts and member accounts created by spambots. Spammers suck.