Since my previous post on the various MSN sessions at PDC, two new ones have finally had their details announced. They are

PRSL02 - Case Study: How Hotmail Used Atlas and ASP.NET to Build a Great User Experience
September 14, 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
152/153 (Hall F)
Walter Hsueh

Microsoft's Hotmail web application team is developing the successor to Hotmail: a modern webmail experience focused on safety, simplicity, and speed. We will walk you through the scale and performance requirements of the Internet's largest distributed webmail application and show you how building on ASP.NET and Atlas technologies provides the right solution for the problem space. Learn from our experiences and design patterns of how we leveraged the "Atlas" programming model and "Atlas" components to build rich, interactive Web applications.

PRSL04 - MSN: Extending Using Startlets
September 15, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
408 AB
Scott Isaacs/ Sanaz Ahari
MSN's Web incubation team is creating a new AJAX-based personalized Web experience at - here is your opportunity to get under the covers and see how we are building this site. allows for consumers to personalize their web experience to the things that matter the most to them. See how we build modules (Startlets) such as the Stock Picker, Weather Picker, and Blogger Map. Learn how to create your own custom Startlets for We will also present how your RSS feed can also define a unique experience when viewed within The team and architect will give you a tour of code you can use today. Join us for lunch and catch the latest wave of innovation from MSN's Web incubation team.

If you are a Web developer attending PDC that is interested in server side or client side AJAX development then you should attend both talks.

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