I just saw the following post on in the RSS Bandit forums entitled Dead? where one of our users asks

Haven't seen a news update in a long time, no releases for about 5 months... is rss bandit dead? It's a nice aggregator, but there are some neat features popping up in stuff like Rss Owl / other feed readers, so I'm debating changing readers...

...but if there's going to be active improvements in the future, there's no reason for me to learn an entirely new program just to come back to rss bandit in the end. ;)

What say you, Code Writers?

This has been bothering me as well. Torsten and I have been busy with our respective day jobs. Over the past few of months, I keep telling myself I'll start work on RSS Bandit "next week" but the following week always seems busier than the last. It hasn't helped that I've had conferences, vacations or out of town visitors every other month this year. I think I have the worst of the disruptions in my schedule done for this year. In addition, the project which has been consuming the lion's share of my time at work also looks like it will soon be able to go on auto-pilot.

Although I can't give an exact date for our next release, what I can say for sure is that we will have an RSS Bandit release this summer. What I would like from our users is some feedback on the RSS Bandit road map. I don't think I'm particularly attached to the features we currently have on tap for the Jubilee release. The major reworkings I'd like to do for the next release are fixing our excessive memory consumption, improving the integration with NewsGator Online, and rewriting our multithreaded code in a way that fixes the pernicious feed mix up issue. As for new features, the ones I want primarily revolve around enclosures/podcasts and conversation tracking similar to TechMeme, Megite and TailRank.

I believe Torsten also plans to revamp our UI. What else would you like to see us do in the next release?


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