Now that a bunch of Windows Live services are coming out of beta (e.g. Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Favorites) and a couple more MSN properties are about to make the switch (e.g. MSN Spaces to Windows Live Space) there has begun to be a bit more marketing effort being done around Windows Live. The marketing teams have created a number of websites that explain the value proposition of Windows Live and take you behind the scenes. Check them out

  1. This website gives a preview of Windows Live Spaces including some new features such as the Friends list.

  2. Interviews with members of Windows Live product teams like Leah PearlMan (Windows Live Messenger) and Reeves Little. (Windows Live Mail).

  3. An aggregation of news stories, blog posts and message board postings about Windows Live. Think of it as Microsoft Presspass on crack.

  4. This site aggregates the above sites and has place holders for a couple of other upcoming promotional sites about Windows Live.
This is pretty hot, for once I have to say our marketing guys are kicking ass.