August 16, 2006
@ 11:01 AM

Robert Scoble has a blog post entitled Blogs and Digg, not geeky enough? where he writes

I notice a general trend looking through blogs, TechMeme, and Digg. There aren’t many coders anymore.

Five years ago the discussions were far more technical and geeky. Even insiderish. When compared to the hype and news of today.

It makes me pine for ye old RSS vs. Atom geek flamefests.

Anyone else notice this trend?

Sites like TechMeme and Digg hone in on what is popular to the general audience even if it is the general audience interested in software. There are more people interested in the impact of software-powered companies like Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, MySpace, Youtube, and so on than there are people interested in the technology that powers these companies. There are going to be more people speculating about Google's next new service than those interested in a dissection of how the AJAX on one of Google's sites works. There are more people talking about Google Maps mashups than there are people talking about how to build them. There are more people interested in the next "Web 2.0" startup that Yahoo! is going to buy than are interested in technical language wars about whether Flash or AJAX is the way to go in building such sites. That's why you won't see Raymond Chen, Simon Willison or Jon Udell on TechMeme and Digg as often as you'll see the Michael Arringtons, Robert Scobles and  Om Maliks of the world.

This doesn't mean "there aren't many coders anymore" as Robert Scoble suggests. It just means that there are more people interested in the 'industry' part of the "software industry" than in the 'software' part. What else is new?