I believe we're on track to release a new version of RSS Bandit by the end of the month. Besides the bug fixes there are two minor features we are adding. The screenshot below showss the options dialog that controls them.

The first new feature, is a fix that should fix a number of the performance problems people have when they read feeds with lots of unread items. Currently we display all the unread items in the reading pane when you click on a feed. Although this makes it convenient to read the unread items in the feed, it can take a while to render in the embedded Web browser if there are a lots of posts. To remedy this, we've introduced pagination to the reading pane. By default, we'll now show only 10 unread items per page and users can configure this to what best suits their needs.

The second feature, is actually the ability to turn off an existing feature. In the current release, the default stylesheet mimics Google Reader in that items are automatically marked as read as you scroll through the reading pane. Although a lot of our users liked the feature, a number of our users asked for a way to disable this feature. You asked, so we've delivered.

Our main problem now is how to change the CSS/HTML for the reading pane to introduce [previous page] and [next page] navigation links without making it look ugly. My CSS design skills are pretty lame.