Doc Searls has a blog post entitled Questions Du Jour where he writes

Dare Obasanjo: Why Facebook is Bigger than Blogging. In response to Kent Newsome's request for an explanation of why Facebook is so cool.

While I think Dare makes some good points, his headline (which differs somewaht from the case he makes in text) reads to me like "why phones are better than books". The logic required here is AND, not OR. Both are good, for their own reasons.

Unlike phones and books, however, neither blogging nor Facebook are the final forms of the basics they offer today.

I think Doc has mischaracterized my post on why social networking services have seen broader adoption than blogging. My post wasn't about which is better since such a statement is as unhelpful as saying a banana is better than an apple. A banana is a better source of potassium but a worse source of dietary fiber. Which is better depends on what metric you are interested in.

My post was about popularity and explaining why, in my opinion, more people create and update their profiles on social networks than write blogs.