It's been about a month and a half since we shipped the beta version of the next release of RSS Bandit codenamed ShadowCat. Since then we've been listening to our user feedback and have tracked down the major bugs that were causing significant instability in the application. After a lot of research and tons of negative feedback from our users we found out that the primary culprit for the significant increase in the number of crashes in the application in the most set of releases was a known issue in the Lucene search engine which powers our search feature. If we hear back from users who’ve complained that these crashes are no longer an issue, we’ll declare the release golden and start work on the Phoenix release.

You can grab the latest installer at and let us know hear about your comments, complaints or kudos in the RSS Bandit forums

Major Bug Fixes Since the Previous ShadowCat beta

  • Random crashes due to error renaming file "" to "deletable" or "" to "segments" in search index folder.
  • Items in Atom 0.3 feeds that have a <created> date but no <issued> date show their date as the last modified date of the feed instead of the created date.
  • Images don't show up on certain items when clicking on feed or category view if the feed uses relative links such as in Tim Bray’s feed at
  • Empty pages displayed in newspaper view when browsing multiple feeds under a category node.
  • Newly added feeds do not inherit the feed refresh rate specified in the Options dialog.
  • In certain cases, the following error message is displayed when attempting feed upload via FTP; "Feedlist upload failed with error: Passive mode not allowed on this server.."
  • Application crashes on startup with the COMException "unknown error"
  • None of the options when right-clicking on "This Feed" in feed properties is valid for newsgroups.
  • Crash because the application cannot modify the .treestate.xml configuration file
  • Crash when clicking on enclosure link in toast window

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