Via Robert Scoble, I stumbled on Kara Swisher’s post entitled The Children’s Hour: Facebook Apps Are for Toddlers (There, We Said It) which has the following gem which is excerpted below

But, so far, as popular as those apps have become, what Zuckerberg and the widget-makers have wrought is mostly silly, useless and time-wasting and the kazillion users of these widgets are pretty much just acting like little children.

I never thought I would call the often frivolous AOL back in the day–very simply, a Neanderthal version of Facebook–a mature offering in comparison.

While I will admit when I am not chewing nails that a lot of these apps are somewhat fun, I can’t help but ask myself that lyric from the old Peggy Lee classic: “Is that all there is?”

This is like criticizing the Incredible Hulk for being green. You sound more ridiculous than what you are criticizing. The fact is Facebook is a site that was designed as an online version of the places where college students kill time in between classes. It’s a virtual place for “chilling in front of the library” or “maxing in front of the frat house”, so what do you expect from applications targetted at its users?

Next thing you know, Kara Swisher will be pointing out that most of the videos on YouTube aren’t worthy of being nominated for any academy awards in the short film category and that most of the widgets on MySpace are time wasting frivolities gadgets instead of professional tools. Wink .  

If you want a sophisticated widget platform that is intended for knowledge workers and business professionals, I’ve heard SalesForce AppExchange is exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy.

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