December 17, 2008
@ 04:58 PM

Reading depressing layoff related blog posts like George Oates's Not quite what I had in mind and the Valley Wag's Laid-off Yahoos packing heat for Jerry Yang? reminded me that I've been meaning to post about open positions on our team for a while.

The team I work for is responsible for the "social graph", "news feed" and online presence platforms that power various Windows Live experiences. You can see some of our recent efforts in action by downloading Windows Live Essentials (beta) or visiting my profile on Windows Live and browsing around. If you are interested in building world class software that is used by hundreds of millions of people and the following job descriptions interest you then send me your resume 

Software Design Engineer (Developer)

The Windows Live Messenger service is the backbone of one of world’s leading instant messaging services. The service enables hundreds of millions of users to communicate efficiently using text, voice, video and real-time status updates. This high-profile business is growing to accommodate mobile devices, social networking, web applications and other new areas.
We are seeking a developer with a fondness and talent for working on large-scale fault-tolerant distributed systems. The job involves working on the back-end components that maintain user state and route messages and notifications. In addition to improving the systems performance and resiliency, our team will tackle hard new problems such as
- Supporting new ways of addressing users (personas or aliases)
- Extending user state to support offline presence and presence views
- Creating a generic notification service
- implementing effective request throttling and load-balancing across datacenters.

Software Design Engineer/Test (Tester)

Looking for your next big challenge? How about building the next version of the world’s largest IM and social network platform?
We are looking for a great SDET with solid design, problem solving skills and exceptional track record to help build the next version of Windows Live Messenger and Social Network platform. The Messenger network is already one of the largest social networks on the planet, delivering BILLIONS of messages a day for HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of users world-wide.
The SDET role involves working on these next-generation services and proving they can be delivered to the massive scale required, with the quality our users have come to expect. Particular focus areas for this role are scalability, performance and reliability:
Scalability - building software systems to take each piece of hardware to its limits, identifying bottlenecks, removing them and pushing harder; while also, proving the system can grow linearly, as hardware is added. (…think 1,000s of machines).
Performance - ensuring consistently fast response times across the system by smoothly managing peak traffic -- which averages in the 10s of millions of simultaneous online connections.
Reliability - building online services that remain reliable under stress which the operations team is able to easily monitor, troubleshoot, and repair; enabling the aggressive up time requirements we aim for.

Email your resume to (replace msft with microsoft) if the above job descriptions sound like they are a good fit for you. If you have any questions about what working here is like, you can send me an email and I'll either follow up via email or my blog to answer any questions of general interest [within reason].

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