January 6, 2004
@ 02:23 PM

The Bad Fads Museum provides an entertaining glimpse to past [and current] fads in FashionCollectibles, Activities and Events. To show that the site isn't mean spirited the "About BadFads" section of the site contains the following text

While the name of this site is BAD FADS, please note that this is neither an indictment nor an endorsement of any of the fads mentioned. As you know, during the '70s the word "bad" could alternately mean "good!" Thus, this site was created to take a fun and nostalgic look at fashions, collectibles, activities and events which are cherished by some and ridiculed by others.

It's all in good fun. The best writeups are on fashion fads like Tatoos and Tie Dye T-Shirts as well as fads in collectibles such as Pet Rocks and Troll Dolls


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