Saturday was musuem day for me. I visited both the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle and the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. The entrance fee for the Science Fiction Museum $12.95 which is a bit overpriced considering what one gets out of the tour. The musuem is primarily a collection of old science fiction books and magazines as well as props from various movies. Some of the props are quite cool such as the alien queen and Ripley's construction suit from Aliens while others such as the collection of phasers from the various Star Trek movies failed to light my fire. At the end it seemed more like I'd just been shown some geek's private hoard of science fiction memorabilia than I'd been at an actual musuem or hall of fame. I probably would have felt less ripped off if the cover fee was $5 instead of almost $13.

The Museum of Glass was more satisfying although it also felt like it was over too soon. The  Einar and Jamex de la Torre: Intersecting Time and Place was amazing although a bit gory. The artwork by the Torre brothers had demons, exposed human organs and catholic religious relics as a recurring theme. It led to some interesting artwork which I could see some of the parents with younger children had difficulty explaining to their kids. The Solid Cinema: Sculpture by Gregory Barsamian was also impressive. They were mechanical animated pieces illuminated by strobe light. There were only three pieces but they were extremely well done and I spent some time scratching my head trying to figure out how they worked. The Museum of Glass was definitely worth the $10.

The next local museum on my list is the Museum of Flight.


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