My friend Kitty has been working on a bunch of cool projects at work over the past year. She was instrumental in the recently announced PC-to-Mobile Instant Messaging Between MSN Messenger and Vodafone Messenger. Her most recent project as part of our team has been in working with other folks at MSN to get launched.

The details are in the recent press release MSN Launches Official Web Site for Mark Burnett Productions’ “Rock Star: INXS,” Giving Viewers New Ways to Engage With Reality Show which is excerpted below

MSN is giving fans new ways to take part in the reality-show craze by launching , the official Web site for Mark Burnett Productions’ "Rock Star: INXS." The show, which aims to find a new lead singer for the multiplatinum rock band INXS, premieres July 11 on the CBS Television Network in the U.S... extends and enhances “Rock Star: INXS” by giving fans unique opportunities to connect with the contestants and with one another
Beginning July 11, viewers can do the following:

  • Vote for their favorite contestants through and MSN® Messenger, which allows people to vote while chatting with friends about the show in real time. Wireless voting also will be available.

  • Watch exclusive "Rock Star: INXS" video not seen on TV, available only through MSN Video.

  • Watch streaming video of contestant performances on MSN Video to relive the highlights and the lowlights before casting a vote.

  • Purchase the contestant performances on MSN Music. Not only can fans download and own their favorite musical moments from the show, downloads of the original artists’ versions of contestant performance songs also will be available for purchase on MSN Music.

  • Read contestant blogs on MSN Spaces that tell fans about everything from their backgrounds to what it's really like onstage, offstage and backstage.

  • Chat with other "Rock Star: INXS" fans through MSN Messenger and download special "Rock Star: INXS" emoticons, dynamic display pictures, backgrounds and winks to spice up their instant messaging (IM) conversations.

  • Play rock-and-roll trivia games created by Cranium Inc. for MSN Encarta®.

  • Sign up for MSN Alerts and a weekly newsletter that give fans the scoop on everything related to "Rock Star: INXS."

  • View weekly "Rock Star" photo galleries and rock-and-roll fashion features.

  • Buy merchandise featured on "Rock Star: INXS" through MSN Shopping.

  • Get weekly fashion tips from the "Rock Star: INXS" official show stylist.

I've been watching a lot more reality TV than I care to admit so it is fun to see that lots of us at MSN are also into this guilty pleasure. Now if only we'd come up with an MSN spin on Being Bobby Brown then my reality TV fix would be complete.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005 3:58:08 PM (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00)
INXS? Really? That's an odd one to hitch something like this to considering what happened to their last singer, Michael Hutchence. Its not a TV friendly story, well at least not during family viewing hours. People have short memories I guess.
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