November 25, 2003
@ 09:30 PM

I'm probably the last geek in the US to have seen Matrix Revolutions and like most I'm of mixed minds about the experience. On the one hand as an action flick the movie isn't bad but as a Matrix sequel there are just too many issues with it that will probably prevent the multiple repeat viewings that I have enjoyed with the previous two movies.

Looking at the comments on the recent Slashdot poll about Matrix Revolutions it seems most people had to come up "deeper meanings" for the movie to prevent watching it from seeming like a waste of money. I've tried but I can't, as a Matrix movie it was anti-climactic especially after the confusing roller coaster ride that was Matrix Reloaded. Like everyone my beef is with the large number of unanswered questions from the previous movies. The paucity of martial arts fighting in this movie was also a minus.

However, if this was the first movie in the series I'd seen I'd probably have considered it a good movie.


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