The Windows Live Expo team has a blog post entitled Hello world... which begins

The Expo team is very proud to unveil the Windows Live Expo service today. Our public beta will cater to all users in the every location across the US.
To get started on the service, we've produced a nice Flash product tour (thanks Becky!) that outlines all of our cool features. Head over to the homepage here and you'll find a link for the tour near the bottom of the page.
I wanted to call out a few known issues with the Beta that we've acknowledges and are working on:
  • Spaces integration: The new Spaces module will be activated very soon - hold tight..
  • Firefox niggles: Yes, we know you can't drag and drop the windows and that the rich-text editing has problems. We already have fixes in the pipeline for this so expect to see it patched shortly.

As I've mentioned before, I've been working closely with the Expo team to get their service off the ground and it's been a fun journey. Try it out and tell them what you think.


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