Over the past couple of months the MSN Spaces team has gotten a bunch of feedback about features users would like to see in the service. Common requests include more flexibility in customizing the look of the space, ability to play videos or music in a module and the ability to add modules containing cutom HTML.

The team has been listening and all of those features were released yesterday as Powertoys. As Powertoys they aren't fully supported features and are only available in English. They are basically cool hacks by some of the developers on the Spaces team which are a prelude to what this functionality might look like in a future release of Spaces.

If you are an MSN Spaces user you should read Mike Torres's posts about how to enable the HTML Module, Windows Media Player module and the Tweak UI Powertoy. They totally jazz up your Space.

Great work from Ryan for being the man with plan on getting these out.



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