September 30, 2006
@ 12:16 AM

Lately I find that the stories I have been writing turn out not to be suitable for publication. It makes me kind of sad, because I've written a few things recently that I think are actually really good, but I haven't published them here, because if I did, there would be people who would never speak to me again. Either people who are too close to the stories to think they're funny, or people who are too far away from them to think they're funny.

I think maybe the problem is that I really didn't write them well enough at all: if I'd done my job, then everyone reading them would understand why they were funny. If it only makes sense to people who think like me, then I haven't done my job, right?

Jamie Zawinski

A few days ago I wrote a blog post entitled Leaving MSFT in Five Years: Year One which was meant to be a follow up to a blog post I wrote a year ago entitled On Moving On From Microsoft in 5 Years. After writing it, I realized I didn't have the stomach to deal with whatever comments or emails I got about the post whether they were good or bad. Just writing the blog post was cathartic even though I never published it and probably never will.

However this afternoon, I saw a blog post Rebuilding Microsoft in Wired Magazine on the Mini-Microsoft blog which talks about the winds of change at Microsoft. I felt drawn to comment even if my comment is just that I like the changes that have been occuring at Microsoft over the past year and I like having leadership like Ray Ozzie, Steven Sinofsky and Chris Jones running Windows Live.

Have a good weekend. See you at Chuck-E-Cheese's. :)


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